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Weekly Injection


A SOLID week of releases for you. Includes lots of high speed technicality, lots of lurching heaviness, and so much more. To the metals…

Allegaeon – Proponent For Sentience 91dDnaRTqVL._SL1500_

Genre: Technical melodic death metal
Origin: Fort Collins, Colorado
Label: Metal Blade

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This is the beginning of a new era for Allegaeon. They not only have a new vocalist, but their sound is broadening. They have included guest appearances (one is Bjorn from Soilwork), clean vocals (BLASPHEMY!!), and even more influences in their already dense sound. Their best record yet, but it's too bad Shawn Drover hates it.


Charred Walls Of The Damned – Creatures Watching Over The Dead A1lbHS1KAZL._SL1500_

Genre: Power metal/thrash
Origin: Long Island, New York
Label: Metal Blade

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I've always felt like this was an underrated project for everyone involved. On their third album Tim Owens (ex-Iced Earth/ex-every band it seems), Steve DiGiorgio (Testament/ex-Death), Jason Suecof (producer extraordinaire), and Richard Christy (Howard Stern Show/ex-Death/ex-Iced Earth) have really settled into a unique and intriguing sound. This record is more of their epic, technical, thrashy metal you should get behind.


Dysrhythmia – The Veil Of Control 5138WRe4fdL

Genre: Technical metal
Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Label: Profound Lore

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Speaking of technical, these guys are one of the techy-est. Absolutely not for everyone, as their sound veers into the discordant and wonderfully off-putting from time to time. However, fans of stellar musicianship, and the last few Gorguts releases need to cram this into their ears.


Every Time I Die – Low Teens 71JX7q4stFL._SL1425_

Genre: Southern hardcore
Origin: Buffalo, New York
Label: Epitaph

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You know what you're in for with Every Time I Die, and that's what you're getting on Low Teens. This is a hardcore assault with some occasional twang mixed in. I must say that at a glance I keep thinking the album cover is a Daft Punk record, which is messing me up when I feel like going "Around The World."


Giraffe Tongue Orchestra – Broken Lines 81ordqSFmkL._SL1500_

Genre: Progressive rock/"Pawnus Rock"
Origin: Georgia/New Jersey/California
Label: Party Smasher

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My initial reaction to this band was how I felt about Killer Be Killed, which thinking it was cool, but was lacking something in the sum of all its parts. The more I spin this, the more I forgive the lack of Mastodon's heaviness or Dillinger Escape Plan's madness, and appreciate it as its own band. This may be the best William DuVall (Alice in Chains) has ever sounded though. That guy has a more dynamic set of pipes than AIC allows him to explore, yet he also sound a bit out of place. Read Jeremy's full review here.


Insomnium – Winter’s Gate 81PSV93LHvL._SL1500_

Genre: Melodic death metal
Origin: Joensuu, Findland
Label: Century Media

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I'm super on board for bands releasing albums of one huge track. If you're an Insomnium fan, then this album with be forty minutes of their moody bliss. However, I don't think I can recommend it as a jumping off point to those unfamiliar with the band despite how great as this band is, and how great the song is. Maybe check out Shadows of the Dying Sun first, then come back to this.


Neurosis – Fires Within Fires 61MJe0jnJ8L

Genre: Sludge/Ambient
Origin: Oakland, California
Label: Neurot

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This album is five tracks of devastating Neurosis-ness. This album, like this band, is heavier than just about anything. It's been a long four years since the last record, and this one was worth the wait.


Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – El Bien Y Mal Nos Unea3657454315_10

Genre: Experimental
Origin: El Paso, Texas
Label: Ipecac

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Here we are at the half-way point of Omar's dozen records in 2016. This one seems more dance-able than anything in this series so far, but that's really based on the one single and a little bit I heard elsewhere. Features some re-recordings of songs from a previous album of his called Un Escorpión Perfumado, so fans can look forward to those new versions. Includes drums by Deantoni Parks, synths by Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez (aka Eureka The Butcher), and, once again, Teri Gender Bender on backing vocals.


The Sword – Low Country 518bWJHoRiL

Genre: (Acoustic) Stoner
Origin: Austin, Texas
Label: Razor & Tie

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Did you dig The Sword's High Country? Wanna hear it in a twangier and calmer context? If you answered positively to both of those questions, get down to Low Country. Full review here.


Trap Them – Crown Feral 91qbbToX4vL._SL1500_

Genre: Grindcore/crust punk
Origin: Seattle, Washington
Label: Prosthetic

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Crown Feral is 31-minutes of off-putting heaviness. It takes a little while to pick up speed and energy, but once it does, this one doesn't quit. Album five may be their most intense yet.


True Widow – Avvolgere 81U8USTdAxL._SL1200_

Genre: Post metal/shoegaze
Origin: Dallas, Texas
Label: Relapse

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Now to go the complete opposite direction of Trap Them. True Widow have returned with another collections of hypnotic, atmospheric, metal-ish songs. This album is a journey into the abyss. Bong hits not required, but probably ideal.


Also dropping today…

Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell (Spinefarm) – Heavy metal
Almah – E.V.O. (Test Your Metal) – Power metal
Budderside – Budderside (Motorhead) – Hard rock
Crobot – Welcome To Fat City (Wind-up) – Heavy metal
Darkwell – Moloch (Massacre) – Gothic/doom
In Flames – Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg DVD (Nuclear Blast) – Melodic death metal
Marillion – FEAR (earMusic) – Symphonic prog
Monte Pittman – Inverted Grasp Of Balance (Metal Blade) – Heavy metal/shred
Nothgard – The Sinner’s Sake (NoiseArt) – Melodic death metal
Operation Mindcrime – Resurrection (Frontiers) – Progressive
Raveneye – Nova (Frontiers) – Rock/blues
Saint Vitus – Live Vol. 2 (Season Of Mist) – Doom
Slaves On Dope – Horse (ILS) – Nu metal
Source – Return To Nothing (Pavement) – Alt metal
Usurpress – The Regal Tribe (Agonia) – Death metal/sludge

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