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True Widow

Latest True Widow News

Latest News

Coven, Despise You, Wormrot, Cough, Primitive Man, Mizmor, and way more!

Weekly Injection

A SOLID week of releases for you. Includes lots of high speed technicality, lots of lurching heaviness, and so much more. To the metals…

Best of 2013

As 2013 wanes into the cold beginnings of 2014, it's time to look back on the records that shaped the past year in extreme...

Latest True Widow Reviews


1990 called, it wants more doom! But don't worry, that's a good thing. From the streets of Dallas comes True Widow, a band known for...


Friday night I had one of the coolest metal moments of my metal nerd life. Summer Slaughter kicked off in San Francisco and The Ocean put...

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Latest True Widow Live Footage

Live Footage

Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang

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