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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From GRAVEYARD, PARKWAY DRIVE and More Out Today – 9/25

According to my calendar, today is Save The Koala Day. YES DO THAT! SAVE THEM… This edition includes a beloved blues-based rock band, a bloodsucking Swedish collective and more. To the metals…

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Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death 51z6lNVx93L

Genre: Death metal
Origin: Seattle, Washington
Label: Southern Lord

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A lil' grimy, a lil' hardcore, a lil' black metal, and a lil' death metal. That's the recipe for the Pacific Northwest's quintet success. This follow-up to 2012's Sentenced to Life shan't disappoint.

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Graveyard – Innocence & Decadence 61SUPl+ZmcL

Genre: Stoner/Blues/Heavy metal
Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast

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One of my favorite bands of the last several years has returned with more blues-based rock that borders on a classic heavy metal sound and a modern stoner rock one. The new record has a few moments that seem almost Motorhead-like, which could mean they're tour with them last year rubbed off on them. Regardless, if you're into The Sword, Clutch, Priestess, and the likes, and you have yet to give Graveyard a spin…The fuck is wrong with you?

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Huntress – Static 91DyVFRn9kL._SL1500_

Genre: Heavy metal
Origin: Highland Park, California
Label: Napalm

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Singer Jill Janus has had a hell of a ride since the last record, and it almost seems like there is an added fire under the new record because of it. This band has really grown over their three records, and this one might be their best. The classic metal influence is still firm, but they've certainly become their own band.

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Parkway Drive – Ire 81H74l9jroL._SL1425_

Genre: Metalcore
Origin: Byron Bay, Austrailia
Label: Epitaph

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I have no idea what's going on in this song that I've included below. The entire first two-minutes felt like an intro to the song, but nope, the intro came back. Anyway, this record is more of the Australian metalcore that this band churns out so well. The other songs I've heard from the record are a bit better, but I feel like this is a band with a lot of vocal haters. Said haters won't be swayed.

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Vampire – Cimmerian Shade EP 526189

Genre: Black/Death metal
Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Label: Century Media

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Going to end this edition with a band that was surprisingly tricky to track down, which was weird in our "digital age." This EP, or Mini LP as I've seen it listed elsewhere, is some pretty solid metal that bobs and weaves between old-ish school black metal, death metal and even a little bit of death 'n' roll. Pretty cool, I'll be investigating this band further.

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VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum2qvbbeb

Genre: Black metal
Origin: Paris, France
Label: Agonia

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Pretty grim and pretty French. This is straight up, no frills black metal for those that think overt melody and epic atmosphere are bullshit. Features current and former members of Aosoth and Antaeus. Frankly not familiar with either, but the result is pretty neat.

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Also dropping today..

Arise – Gore Whores On The Killing Floor (Cimmerian Shade) – Death metal
Bandit – Playfastordie (Unholy Anarchy) – Hardcore
Black Wing – Is Doomed (The Flenser) – Electronic
Casablanca – Miskatonic Graffiti (Despotz) – Heavy metal
Cryptic Brood – Wormhead EP (Xtreem) – Death metal/doom
Dark Buddha Rising – Inversum (Neurot) – Doom
Days Of Collapse – We Got This Far (Imminence) – Mathcore
Deathcode Society – Eschatonizer (Osmose) – Symphonic black metal
Division Speed – Division Speed (High Roller) – Thrash
Dolch – I & II (Van) – Black metal
Godslave – Whatever We Want EP (Green Zone) – Thrash
Heat Dust – Heat Dust (The Flenser) – Noise
Horna – Hengen Tulet (WTC)  – Black metal
Human Bodies / Leather Chalice – Split EP (Broken Limbs) – Black metal/punk
Iniquitous Savagery – Subversions Of The Psyche (Grindethic) – Brutal death metal
Mantric – Sin (Loyal Blood) – "Harsh Hymns"
Mord'A'Stigmata – Our Hearts Slow Down EP (Pagan)
One OK Rock – 35xxxv (Warner Brothers) – Post-hardcore
Praise The Flame – Manifest Rebellion (Memento Mori) – Death metal
Resurrecturis – Nazienda (Mighty Music) – Death metal
Ruach Raah – Hate Fanatacism (War Arts) – Black metal
Shrine Of Insanabilis – Disciples Of The Void (WTC) – Black metal
Sivyj Yar – Burial Shrouds (Avantgarde) – Pagan metal
A Sound Of Thunder – Tales From The Deadside (Mad Neptune) – Power metal
Tank – Valley of Tears (Metal Mind) – Heavy metal
Tantrum – Devirginized (Inverse) – Death metal/thrash
Todesstoss – Hirngemeer (I, Voidhanger) – Black metal
Twin Lords – Devastating Planetary Shift (Handshake, Inc.) – Grindcore
Veiled – Omniscient Veil (Iron Bonehead) – Black metal
We Hunt Buffalo – Living Ghosts (Fuzzorama) – Fuzz

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