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GHOST Is Very Likely Planning A Live Album


Ghost played the Kia Forum in Inglewood, CA on September 11 and 12. The band did not allow any cell phones into the shows, and now it's clear why – they were filming it for a live album.

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No word on when we can expect the shows to come out, but Ghost posted a brief statement on their Instagram confirming both shows were filmed.

"These past couple of days at the historical Inglewood Forum will not only live eternally in our minds, but also on film, wrote the band. "That film roll is now in the can. Thank you all for coming out rockin'!"

Both shows ran as follows, with "Twenties" finally making an appearance and "If You Have Ghosts" being played for the first time since 2019.

  1. "Kaisarion"
  2. "Rats"
  3. "Faith"
  4. "Spillways"
  5. "Cirice"
  6. "Absolution"
  7. "Ritual"
  8. "Call Me Little Sunshine"
  9. "Con Clavi Con Dio"
  10. "Watcher in the Sky"
  11. "If You Have Ghosts"
  12. "Dominion"
  13. "Twenties"
  14. "Year Zero"
  15. "Spöksonat"
  16. "He Is"
  17. "Miasma"
  18. "Mary on a Cross"
  19. "Mummy Dust"
  20. "Respite on the Spitalfields"
  21. "Kiss the Go-Goat"
  22. "Dance Macabre"
  23. "Square Hammer"

In an interview from earlier this year, Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge mentioned that the Kia Forum and back-to-back shows are a great place to do record a live album and film. So y'know, put two and two together here.

"Anywhere that we play two shows is an excellent place to do something like that," said Forge. "One thing that is on the short list of things we've never done is a film — an actual presentation of what we're like onstage that goes beyond just a broadcast. So, we're hoping that is gonna turn out really well. I don't wanna oversell it, but those two shows will be different than the others."

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