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Former EVERY TIME I DIE Members Tracking Debut Material

It's happening.

Photos via Jordan Buckley's Instagram

Every Time I Die broke up in January after the band parted ways with vocalist Keith Buckley. At the time, guitarist Jordan Buckley expressed interest in carrying on as a new band with co-guitarist Andy Williams, bassist Stephen Micciche, and drummer Clayton "Goose" Holyoak.

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Now, whatever that band is called, is in the studio tracking their debut material. As for the absence of Williams, all we know is that Buckley said back in August that the band was "saving Andy's spot while he wisely tends to all the success that pro wrestling has brought him! But he's always with us in spirit." Still, we're definitely looking forward to hearing this! Especially considering it's being produced by Will Putney and Jay Zubricky.

"Day 1. We fucked around and found out. We even found out and THEN fucked around. This was the day I had to visualize in order to get myself out of bed during all the months that depression was both big and little spoon. I am so very grateful and thankful to have another opportunity to make music with and for people I love. My shoulder strap now has a chip on it, and since I haven’t been able get it off yet I might as well use it for motivation. We need all of it that we can get since this whole operation is being self funded.

"Scary shit in this economy, but we believe in ourselves and each other so you’ll definitely see us on stage asap as possible. Maybe you’ll be there. If so, thank you. You’re gonna fucking love our songs. Thoughts become things, and I can’t stop thinking about you stage diving to these nasty ass drum fills [Holyoak] has been laying down! ❤️ Peace and love peace and love. Go Bills."

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