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FEAR FACTORY To Reissue The Industrialist With Real Drums & Bonus Tracks

Plus the album's original closer.

metal injection – fear factory band

Fear Factory is celebrating their 2012 album The Industrialist turning 10 years old today with the announcement of a reissue. The reissue will feature current Fear Factory drummer Mike Heller replacing all the original album's programmed drums, as well as bonus tracks including original album closer "Enhanced Reality."

"In celebration of the album‘s tenth anniversary, Fear Factory announces Re-Industrialized, replacing the programmed percussion with live drums newly recorded by longtime drummer Mike Heller," said the band. "Re-Industrialized features bonus tracks, including 'Enhanced Reality,' which was originally intended to close the album. Release details will arrive soon!"

In a recent interview, Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares explained why the band's new vocalist hasn't been revealed. Cazares said it doesn't make any logical sense to announce a new vocalist with a new song if there's nothing behind it, which in this case would be a tour. Cazares also added that "everybody's gonna attack" if he announced the person now, so we're all just going to have to wait. Fear Factory parted ways with now-former vocalist Burton C. Bell in 2020 and released their final album with his vocals Aggression Continuum in 2021.

"[They're saying] 'What's up? You were gonna announce a new singer? What happened?' What I was gonna do is announce the new singer just before the Static-X tour that was supposed to happen right now. So I was gonna announce it, I was gonna release a track just before the tour, just to get some hype for the tour [and] introduce the person. But the tour got postponed, and I went on tour with Soulfly and then all this other stuff.

"The thing is if I announce his name right now, everybody's gonna attack — boom! They haven't even heard him yet, and they're gonna attack him. So I wanna do where I release a track. Everybody's, like, 'Release a track right now.' Well, there's planning involved. I don't wanna put a song out just to put it out and nothing behind it. So, in other words, what I'm trying to say is what most fans don't understand is you wanna create hype for something.

"In other words, just before a tour, I would release a song with the new singer, and people would get excited — boom! — you've got something to tour on. It would hopefully help generate more ticket sales, generate more interest for the band, blah blah blah blah. But if I release a track now, there's nothing behind it and it's just whatever. That's what most fans don't understand — there's planning and there's timing involved. So I'm withholding who this person is till the time is right… So that's my thing that I'm saying to everybody right now, is that."

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