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Details for aniticipated WHITE ZOMBIE box set announced

Years ago, horror film director, comic book creator and TCM show host Rob Zombie was best-known as the frontman for White Zombie, an underground noise rock band that eventually became a gateway band for any metalhead who grew up in the '90s. Lest anyone forget, the entire White Zombie discography–out of print early records, self-released EPs, soundtrack cuts, remixes, and of course their major label studio albums are all re-released in a four-CD, one-DVD box set. Scheduled for release on November 25 and titled Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Mr. Zombie states on his myspace, "All I can say is boy the early shit is wacked. I haven't heard some of these songs in over twenty years. I don't know what the hell we were thinking. Everything is including on this set. Over 4 and 1/2 hours of music plus tons of never before seen videos. 5 discs in all."

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Included in the box is "Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls," which you may remember from the scene that Zombie animated for Beavis and Butt-head Do America.

Check out the tracklisting for Let Sleeping Corpses Lie after the jump…

1. "Gentleman Junkie"
2. "King Of Souls"
3. "Tales From the Scarecrowman"
4. "Cat's Eye Resurrection"
5. "Pig Heaven"
6. "Slaughter The Grey"
7. "Eighty-Eight/Fast Jungle"
8. "Gun Crazy"
9. "Kick"
10. "Memphis"
11. "Magdelene"
12. "True Crime"
13. "Ratmouth"
14. "Shack of Hate"
15. "Drowning the Colossus"
16. "Crow II"
17. "Die Zombie Die"
18. "Skin"
19. "Truck On Fire"
20. "Future Shock"
21. "Scumkill"
22. "Diamond Ass"
23. "Demonspeed"
24. "Disaster Blaster"
25. "Murderworld"
26. "Revenge"
27. "Acid Flesh"
28. "Power Hungry"
29. "Godslayer"
30. "God Of Thunder"
31. "Love Razor"
32. "Disaster Blaster 2"
33. "Welcome to Planet MF"
34. "Knuckle Duster"
35. "Thunder Kiss"
36. "Black Sunshine"
37. "Soul-Crusher"
38. "Cosmic Monster"
39. "Spiderbaby"
40. "I Am Legend"
41. "Knuckle Duster 2"
42. "Thrust"
43. "One Big Crunch"
44. "Grindhouse"
45. "Starface"
46. "Warp Asylum"
47. "I Am Hell"
48. "Children Of The Grave"
49. "Feed The Gods"
50. "Electric Head Pt. 1"
51. "Super Charger Heaven"
52. "Real Solution 9"
53. "Creature Of The Wheel"
54. "Electric Head Pt. 2"
55. "Grease Paint And Monkey Brains"
56. "I Zombie"
57. "More Human Than Human"
58. "El Phantasmo"
59. "Blur The Technicolor"
60. "Blood Milk Sky"
61. "The One"
62. "I'm Your Boogieman"
63. "Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls"

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