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DEATH ANGEL To Begin Demoing A New Album

The band went gear shopping, too, so it's going to sound sick.

Death Angel 2021

Death Angel guitarist Rob Cavestany recently sat down with Steve "Zetro" Souza in a three-part interview for Zetro's Toxic Vault on Souza's YouTube channel. The two thrashers talked at length and touched on many topics, with Cavestany noting that he and his band are "definitely overdue" in terms of putting out a new LP.

"We were able to demo off a few songs before this whole touring began, like in the earlier part of [2022]… We got into some [recording], and then… we got interrupted from the writing process."

The good news is new material is on the front burner, because as Cavestany shared, "On the tours I've compiled a lot [of ideas]… I'm at the point where I'm excited to now go into all my notes on my phone and hear all the little snippets I did on the back of the bus or here and there that will begin the next wave of… Hopefully I'll find something worthy in there to start off some shit, start working on songs. Will's [Carroll, Death Angel drummer] ready to start demoing with me.

Whenever a new Death Angel album does arrive, though, expect it to sound incredible, as the band have made some upgrades to their recording studio.

"Right before we left [to go on tour], we invested in a lot of equipment," Cavestany said. "I got a whole new Pro Tools fucking setup, computer. We got mics. Our amazing soundman set everything up in the studio. So we're ready to demo. We have all the equipment ready; now we need material. So I need to sort through the scattered madness and start getting into a vibe. I'm excited."

You can watch all three parts of the interview with Rob and Zetro below.

Death Angel will be joining Kreator and Sepultura as they hit the road this May, with Spiritworld also in support. Kreator and Sepultura will rotate closing out each show, denoted on the tour dates below with asterisks.

5/12 – Harrisburg, PA [Tickets]
5/13 – Worcester, MA * [Tickets]
5/14 – Niagara Falls, NY [Tickets]
5/15 – Silver Springs, MD * [Tickets]
5/17 – McKees Rocks, PA [Tickets]
5/18 – Charlotte, NC * [Tickets]
5/19 – Atlanta, GA [Tickets]
5/22 – Dallas, TX * [Tickets]
5/23 – San Antonio, TX [Tickets]
5/25 – Phoenix, AZ [Tickets]
5/26 – San Diego, CA * [Tickets]
5/27 – Los Angeles, CA [Tickets]
5/28 – San Francisco, CA * [Tickets]
5/30 – Seattle, WA * [Tickets]
5/31 – Vancouver, BC [Tickets]
6/2 – Salt Lake City, UT * [Tickets]
6/3 – Denver, CO [Tickets]
6/5 – Minneapolis, MN * [Tickets]
6/6 – Chicago, IL [Tickets]
6/8 – Toronto, ON * [Tickets]
6/9 – Montreal, QC [Tickets]
6/10 – New York, NY * [Tickets]

*Sepultura Closing

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