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CONVERGE Is Plotting Another Bloodmoon Collaboration

Converge, Stephen Brodsky, Chelsea Wolfe, and Ben Chisholm ride again!

Converge Blood Moon

Converge released their collaborative record Bloodmoon: I in 2021. The record featured the entirety of Converge alongside former bassist Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man, etc.), Chelsea Wolfe, and Wolfe's longtime collaborator Ben Chisholm.

Now in an interview with Talking Records, Converge frontman Jacob Bannon has confirmed there will be a Bloodmoon: II and maybe even more than that. Bannon also notes that Brodsky, Wolfe, and Chisholm will once again be involved, as well as some other potential (and unnamed) collaborators.

"There is a Bloodmoon: II — and hopefully more will be recorded… A lot of music when we initially the first Bloodmoon sessions, and it's just sort of mutating and evolving into its own thing. Definitely Ben and Chelsea are involved, and Steve's involved. We might have some other people work with us too that are friends. Just, you know, put something together that is sonically interesting to us.

He continued: "We'll get there, it's just there's only so much time in the day. We want to be able to travel and do our normal bands too. So, we're trying to make time for it. We will."

The Bloodmoon collaboration was originally born in 2016 when all the aforementioned collaborators, plus Steve Von Till of Neurosis, got together to play Converge tunes in a post-rock style live. Von Till didn't participate in the Bloodmoon: I album, but hey – maybe next time?

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