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BLACK SABBATH To Release Ozzy-Era Box Set Of All Their 1970's Albums

Box Sabbath!

Box Sabbath!

Black Sabbath are apparently super eager to get their product back on the market in a big way recently. First, put up their discography on iTunes for the first time ever and now they're reissuing all their 1970's albums in a killer looking box set! For what it's worth it seems like it's pretty cool- you get some slipcases for the albums and a nice box to go along with the whole thing.

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To be honest, I'm a little annoyed by this. There seems to be no effort into this box aside from putting a bunch of releases into it and calling it a day. No bonus tracks? No alternate demos or mixes? You're telling me there's absolutely, 100-percent not a damn thing more you could have done for fans other than slap their 1970's into a box and sell them to me? Come on. There's no telling if this was a label idea or a band idea, but who ever did this deserves to be called "lazy" at the very least.

The box will be out on Apr. 15, to coincide with the band's upcoming tour dates.

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