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BELPHEGOR To Release Totenritual In September

Posted by on March 27, 2017 at 4:50 pm

Belphegor, Totenritual, Belphegor album

Austrian black metallers Belphegor have finished tracking drums and bass for their upcoming 11th full-length album, titled Totenritual, due out Sept. 15 via Nuclear Blast.

According to a release, the upcoming "sinister masterpiece" will feature nine new tracks "laced with obscure magick and full of furious brutality." Founding guitarist Helmuth Lehner said of the release:

It is the most brutally heavy offering we have consecrated thus far. The drums are precise and very technical with loads of breaks, fills and tempo changes. The bass is like a panzer tank. Also, the rhythm guitars are completed; utterly aggressive and obscure. You don't hear guitars like that anywhere with such a massively low tuning.

I'm really proud of all we have tracked so far and created for the new audial hellspawn. An honor — this horror!!

According to the same release, Belphegoris hitting the road immediately following the release of Totenritual for a worldwide touring cycle, although no dates were included with the copy.

A clip of the black metal outfit playing "Totenkvlt – Exegesis Of Deterioration," recorded live inside their rehearsal bunker, can be viewed below:

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Also, for those into drum porn, check out drummer BloodHammer absolutely decimate in this clip of him laying down some of the blasts and killer fills used in Totenritual:

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