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BARONESS Plotting A New Album For 2023

Hopefully within the first half.


You can expected Baroness' follow-up to their 2019 album Gold & Grey sometime in 2023. According to Baroness frontman John Baizley in an interview with Loudwire, the band is planning to release a new album and do some touring hopefully within the first half of next year.

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"I think it's a very safe bet to say that in 2023 there will be something new and all of the garnishes that come with that," said Baizley. "Like tours, and well, tours, and umm, tours. Probably a tour in a bus."

"Yeah, we started writing a record in the very depths of the pandemic," he continued. "At the time, the means we had to do that, or the methods that we used to do that, were somewhat challenging, but we got a whole bunch of work done through the pandemic. Once things sort of wound down, our timelines got a little blurrier and we're getting everything back into focus now. 2023 is going to be a big year for Baroness."

Baizley had previously spoken a little bit about the upcoming album in a segment with the Amoeba Records' What's In My Bag? series when discussing The Rolling Stones record Black And Blue.

"I really want this for one song… I think it's the first or second track on this record is 'Hand Of Fate.' I guess it was about a year ago, or a little bit over a year ago, Gina and I were traveling to do some recording for our upcoming record and we just listened to that song over and over again. It doesn't go much beyond that, but it's a really, really great era of The Stones for me. It's got this really cool open, bluesy, raw kind of sound that, I don't know – I'm just a sucker for it."

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