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Are METALLICA Finally Writing Their New Album Already?

A new interview with bassist Robert Trujillo suggest they just might be!

A new interview with bassist Robert Trujillo suggest they just might be!

Metallica haven't released a new album in six years. Yes, Death Magnetic came out all the way back in 2008. In the last few months, they've done some touring, scored a Guinness World Record, performed at a baseball game, acted in SportsCenter commercial and narrated hunting shows. But what about a new album already?

The band promised previously that September would be the month when they buckle down and start writing their new opus. And, it seems like they're sticking to that. A few weeks back, bassist Robert Trujillo was interviewed by journalist Lucas Gordon and chimed in with an update on the new record:

"We're working, we're writing. We've been writing for a couple of years. We were focused on writing a couple of years ago, and then we had a 3D movie called 'Through The Never', which came out, so that kinda detoured us [along with] a couple of other things. We did some shows this past summer. But mid-September, very soon here, we're gonna get back to the drawing board and continue to jam and write and prepare new music for the universe. It's very exciting."

A quick look at the calendar shows today is September 15th, which is quite literally mid-September. Does that mean, right now, as you are reading this Metallica is readying some riffs for us for a new album? Does this mean by this time next year we'll be debating the merits of a new Metallica album? I guess we'll know soon enough.

Metallica were nice enough to offer us a taste of new music when they premiered the track "Lords of Summer" earlier this summer, giving us an idea of what to expect.

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