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KREATOR, OBITUARY, And MIDNIGHT Appear Set To Play Decibel's 2017 Tour

Horrendous is on the bill too!

Horrendous is on the bill too!

The 2017 Decibel Tour has been rumored for about a month to include Kreator as its headlining act, though no other artists had been speculated yet. Now, thanks a leaked admat and a leaked date on April 11 at The Opera House in Toronto, we know the lineup! The admat states Kreator is the headline, followed by Obituary, Midnight, and Horrendous.

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Whether or not the leak was intentional, or even accurate, is obviously unknown at this point, but the admat looks pretty legitimate. I guess we'll find out within the coming days or weeks? Here's hoping that's accurate though, because that's a pretty legitimate lineup.

[via The PRP]

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