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This Is Just A Tribute

ENSLAVED Pays Tribute to ENTOMBED Vocalist L.G. Petrov

"Left Hand Path was the first mutual ground for us."


Enslaved is the latest band to pay tribute to recently-deceased Entombed vocalist Lars-Göran "LG" Petrov. Petrov passed away on March 7 at 49 years old after a short battle with incurable bile duct cancer.

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In their tribute, Enslaved credits Entombed as one of their first mutual loves as a band, and recounts their friendship with Petrov.

"Dear LG, dear friend,

"When we heard about your unfortunate passing, we felt we lost a part of ourselves. Your impact on us, for more than 30 years, has largely contributed to shape our musical DNA. When we picked up Left Hand Path in the summer of 1990, we just thought 'This is our musical path, this is where we are heading'. The energy and madness you unveiled with your bone chilling vocals on this album has never left us. This is still THE to-visit-album when we feel nostalgic and beer-thirsty.

"Left Hand Path was the first mutual ground for us. When we met at the first Phobia-rehearsal in 1990, Ivar wanted to sound like Uffe and Alex, and Grutle wanted to sound like LG. Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury wasn’t the biggest vocalists in 1990, it was Chris Reifert and LG Petrov, period.

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"Some years later we would meet each other at festivals around the globe, and we became friends. We even had some collaborations! At an Enslaved/Entombed gig in Gothenburg in 2006, Grutle joined LG on vocals on 'Left Hand Path' , and when Enslaved assembled a special show, including cover songs, at Hole In The Sky 2009, LG was the first one we contacted. He ended up doing vocals on, of course, 'Left Hand Path'. That was a huge moment for us, and stands out like a monolithic milestone in our career.

"On a personal-off stage manner, meeting LG was like an injection of vitamins and positivity!

"Whenever we met him (like on this pic of a hungover-like-a-freakin’-baboon-moment from an early morning on an airport somewhere) we always ended up having a laugh and we all cheered up, always. LG, you had an absolutely unique down-to-earth precence as well as being an out of this world talented musican and frontman. We were all lesser men beside you.

"Shine on LG, you crazy diamond"

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