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"This album’s balance of technical brutality, haunting ritualism and inexplicable catchiness can’t be replicated.."

Latest Vildhjarta Music Videos

Music Videos

VILDHJARTA РBenbl̴st (bergstrom playthrough). New album out now!

Music Videos

VILDHJARTA – Dagger (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "måsstaden", Century Media Records, 2011. Directed by Jakob Arevärn / [link]

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Latest Vildhjarta Reviews


Vildhjarta are a Swedish troupe of double vocalled, triple guitared Swedes with a large drumkit and a souped up bass. They sound like a...

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Latest Vildhjarta Live Footage

Live Footage

Vildhjarta performed two new songs from their upcoming Thousands of Evil EP in Minsk, Russia on 4/23/13 and the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen was...

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Vildhjarta have amassed quite a following in a relatively short amount of time. I see their made-up phrase thall everywhere nowadays, which shows… all...


My favorite thing last year was asking friends how they pronounce Vildhjarta. Supposedly, it's vil – har – tuh, but I'm no expert. It's...

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