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VILDHJARTA Appears To Be Working On A New Album

We're hoping so, anyway.


Vildhjarta's follow-up to their 2011 album Måsstaden has been a long road full of teases. The band posted one minute of killer new material in 2016 and something called "Kaos 2" this year, but have never stated exactly what they're up to. Now in a Facebook post, the band seems to be working on a new album, but at this point who can really say. It is certainly promising that Vildhjarta played both Euroblast 2018 and Techfest 2019, which were their first shows since 2015.

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As far as we know, Vildhjarta is currently guitarists Daniel Bergström and Calle-Magnus Thomér, both who played on Måsstaden; vocalists Vilhelm Bladin and Daniel Ädel, who did the same; and new drummer Buster Odeholm. Stay tuned for more thall-related thallness.

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"This album’s balance of technical brutality, haunting ritualism and inexplicable catchiness can’t be replicated.."