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Mike Patton

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These last few weeks have been intense, and felt like much longer. But one bright spot came when the LAPD opened up their phone...

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Mike Patton is a man of taste, a man of culture. So when Rolling Stone hit him up to offer some quarantine suggestions for...

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Music Videos

Mr. Bungle is now streaming their thrashy, stomping new song "Eracist" alongside a fairly disturbing music video. The video was directed by Derrick Scocchera...

Music Videos

Dead Cross' new album is pretty phenomenal. I've had an advance and every track is infectious. The band, of course, features Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, Suicidal...

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Sol Invictus has been a long time coming, given that the band have been touring consistently off and on since 2009, and the most...


By: Shannon Joy I've spent most summers of my adult life running the festival circuit throughout Europe, though oddly enough, I've never experienced their...

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Live Footage

If you were lucky enough to catch the Mr. Bungle reunions a few months ago, before everything went to shit, you may recall that Scott Ian...

Live Footage

Max and Iggor Cavelera's Roots celebration stopped at Slims in San Francisco, CA last night (March 3rd) and the band were visited by an...

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