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Patton Drone

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MIKE PATTON Fought Off A Drone During MR. BUNGLE's Last Show

Why do people do this.

Mike Patton had a bit of a spat with a drone during Mr. Bungle's appearance at Knotfest Chile on December 11. Footage of Patton trying to swat the drone and actual footage from the drone's perspective are available, both of which you can see above and below. And no – Patton didn't knock it out of the sky.

Look. Maybe it's a little "old man yelling at cloud" to get irritated by this kind of thing, but it just seems disrespectful toward the artist. It's not "running on the stage while an artist is playing" dangerous, but it still opens the door for an accident and completely takes the performer out of the zone.

Though on the flip side, Patton does seem like he's having fun with the whole situation? So who knows.

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