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Lacuna Coil

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You might've heard it as an instrumental.

Latest Lacuna Coil Music Videos

Music Videos

From their Comalies XX project.

Music Videos

Lacuna Coil is now streaming the 2022 version of their song "Tight Rope" from the coming Comalies XX record. Comalies XX is described as...

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Latest Lacuna Coil Reviews


Lacuna Coil has generally stuck with their strengths in the mainstream with their brand of gothic metal without drifting too much into uncharted territory....


You know what the metal world needs more of? Musicals. I'm not saying that ironically either. Sure, we have plenty of prog bands putting out...


I had mentioned to a friend that I’d be reviewing Lacuna Coil’s newest album Dark Adrenaline for my first piece here at Metal Injection...

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Latest Lacuna Coil Live Footage

Live Footage

Live From The Apocalypse is out this week.

Live Footage

Live From The Apocalypse, filmed in September 2020.

Live Footage

It's also worth mentioning that Lacuna Coil will release a career retrospective book called Nothing Stands On Our Way.

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