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CD Review: LACUNA COIL Dark Adrenaline

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I had mentioned to a friend that I’d be reviewing Lacuna Coil’s newest album Dark Adrenaline for my first piece here at Metal Injection and his immediate response was “Dude, they’re totally hazing you”. And… yeah, I have to say that idea had crossed my mind, but fuck it. Let’s give this bad Larry a chance.

Clean singing, be it belted out by man or woman, is not generally my cup of tea, so of course this was a difficult hurdle to jump at first listen. After all, Lacuna Coil’s success has been largely based on their use of Miss Scabia’s enigmatic and powerful voice, and rightly so. After a few spins, I’ll admit, I started to actually get into it, if only because that voice of hers blends so beautifully with the scythe-like sharpness of the guitar-work and drums. There’s no question here that as a whole, Lacuna Coil are proficient as fuck with what they do.

Honestly, it’s easy to see how this band has carved out a place for themselves high up in the realm of radio metal – from their onset, each single has been fairly infectious and with Dark Adrenaline, it seems that they’re getting even better at perfecting the art of writing catchy songs. At the end of the day, is that really such a bad thing? Though they may not be one of my favorite bands, after listening to Dark Adrenaline a few times over, I can see where Lacuna Coil could land a spot on someone’s “favorites” list.


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