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We're Probably Gonna Get That New LACUNA COIL Album in 2023

Sounds like a throwback LP is in the works.

Photo of the band Lacuna Coil

In a new interview with MetalSucksLacuna Coil's Andrea Ferro was asked about the band's plans for a new studio LP, and what he had to say will be sure to have fans very, very excited.

"We've been working on it a little bit, and we plan to go after it fully in early 2023," Ferro said. "We have some very early versions and rough concepts of these songs that we're working on. We've looked at some ideas for album art and are kicking around titles, but it's still early, and nothing is final yet. And we've just had a meeting with the label recently, and we talked about it, but it's too early for us to put a release on it yet. We don't want to rush anything and want it to be a quality album.

Ferro continued by saying, "I can say that we plan to have tighter arrangements and that we don't want to make it overly long. So, in early 2023, we'll meet up, listen to everything we've collected, and see where we are. We'll work hard on the material and flesh it out to fully realized songs. But no hard release date, but maybe by the end of 2023, we'll see a new album from Lacuna Coil. It depends on how these sessions go; we'll see."

The band has been playing footsie with fans all this year about a new record, but this is the closest thing to a schedule that we've heard so far. Last month, the Italian gothic metal unit were out promoting their forthcoming release Comalies XX—the "deconstructed and transported" version of their third LP, Comalies, which was originally released in 2002.

Singer Cristina Scabbia said then, "We actually wrote a few songs. We have, like five [or] six songs that we're working on, but it was not time yet to release a full record. Also because we really base our inspiration on life, on experiences, and, to be honest, we didn't want to write a record about the pandemic. We wanted to go out again, meet people, live experiences, live life and get ready to bring everything in our music again. So we collected a ton of material."

Ferro then also added, "But definitely going back to work on Comalies sometimes brings you also some memories of how your feelings were when you brought that album. So that could be inspiration also for an eventual next album when we're gonna go work on it. Maybe some of the atmosphere stays with you, because you've been rethinking it and reworking it. So it can give you some inspiration also for a future record."

It's fair to say we can expect from a lot of great stuff from Lacuna Coil next year. But—can I just say? They've been busy of late! Check the band out taste-testing some of the best pizza there is to be had in New York City! Can you guess who their winner was? Find out here right now!

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