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"These are songs to cherish and treasure, and are some of Ihsahn's very best endeavors in a masterfully storied body of work."

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Ché Aimee Dorval. Imperium Dekandez, Maneskin, Re-Buried, Tribunal, and Turbid North.

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Music Videos

The chorus is also really catchy.

Music Videos

Katatonia is still so good live.

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"What Katatonia has done again on Sky Void of Stars is build an emotional connection and resonance in their songs."


Catharsis comes in many forms, and with that, the release and expression of emotions. This is what fuels and conceives most art, and within...


A winsome collection of lilting prog and impassioned melodies, The Fall of Hearts takes us even further afield from the metal scene than usual...

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Live Footage

The Ocean performs with Jonas Renske of Katatonia on the debut edition of Slay at Home's monthly concert series powered by eOneHeavy. Watch the entire...

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