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Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Allen/Olzon, Crippled Black Phoenix, Fallujah, Inhuman Depravity, Parkway Drive, and Warforged.


"With this latest album, Fallujah have proven that they can expand beyond their roots without losing their fire."

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Music Videos

Muldrotha, the band featuring ex-Fallujah vocalist Alex Hoffman, Fallujah drummer Andrew Baird, The Zenith Passage guitarist Rob Maramonte and Decrepit Birth bassist Sean Martinez, released their...

Music Videos

The new Fallujah track "Abandon" is as close as a technical death metal band can ever get to doing a power ballad, and I...

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Fallujah has stripped itself of its fiery edge and produced a record more akin to an overwrought jam session than a raging death metal...


The pressure is on for Fallujah if Dreamless can simultaneously stand up to The Flesh Prevails, while still keeping us interested for the future.


The fairly young San Francisco band has been on the edge of breaking for the past several years and their sophomore effort may finally...

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