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Upon A Burning Body have never done as they are told. Maybe it’s the band’s Texas heritage, something they always seem ready to bring...

Best of 2019

What would be a good snapshot of the year in metal? Let's say that one day in the distant future, a professor stands up...


If you like brutal death metal and slam, but like the idea of adding tasteful breakdowns and squeals into the mix, you cannot go...


The Red Chord released swan song Fed Through the Teeth Machine a decade ago, though its status as such was as much a surprise...

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Music Videos

Buried Above Ground exploded onto the Minneapolis, MN scene with their energetic performances and their pummeling breakdowns. Today, we are premiering the director's cut...

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The new record from Krosis, Solem Vatem, is an interesting take on how to innovate an otherwise formulaic genre. Krosis are able to take...


Clean vocals and an entirely new direction is what you will find in the self-titled release from deathcore giants Suicide Silence


I’ve seen Carnifex live a couple of times, first at Summer Slaughter in 2010, and again this past spring at New England Metal and...

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