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The year 2001 was absolutely massive for heavy music. Metal had branched out in a multitude of different directions across all corners of the...

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Sacred Reich, Deadguy, and Hate Eternal are also guests!

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Bringing together some of the most dangerous minds in extreme music, Umbra Vitae makes the meanest music possible and throws it at listeners like a javelin.


The Dusk in Us is album number nine and possesses all the thematic and visual doom ‘n’ gloom as has always been the case,...


Wear Your Wounds' debut record is one of the most emotionally significant releases in recent times.

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Live Footage

Petrov, in the halls of legends now.

Live Footage

At this year's Roadburn festival, resident artists Thou played a special surprise set at the skate park entirely made up of Misfits cover songs....

Live Footage

Tonight,  at The Royale in Boston, MA many of bassist Caleb Scofield closest friends will get together to pay tribute to the bassist who tragically lost...

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