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Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2010: The Metal Injection Recap

Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2010: The Metal Injection Recap

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I am still in awe at the amazing night that was the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards. When I posted the list of winners a few days ago, a lot of you were not pleased with some of the choices the Revolver readers picked to be the winners. But, here is the thing: It doesn’t matter who won. The night is meant to celebrate metal. If you win, you get a statue. If you don't, you're still going to party like a motherfucker! And really, that's what the Golden Gods show is about; getting every big name in hard rock and heavy metal in one venue for a giant rager. Oh, what a rager it was!

Our night started with checking in as press for the black carpet arrivals. We claimed our spot mid-way down the press line. The first thing I noticed was how much more attention this year's show was getting from mainstream press compared to last year. Cameras from VH1, E!, Assosiated Press, and other less kvlt outlets were in full force, as well as a ton of photographers with humongous lenses. It took some time for the carpet proceedings to kick in, and while the initial wait seemed like forever, once it got underway it felt like it was over in an instant.

Dressed in the finest tuxedo shirt money could buy, I was ready to do the publicity equivlent of “speed dating,” talking to all these metal celebs. I looked down the carpet and just couldn’t believe the type of star power that was a few feet away from me. We snagged some great interviews with legends such as Zakk Wylde, Vinnie Paul, all of Slayer (except Tom Araya), Scott Ian and even Dave Mustaine, who decided our interview was over by just leaving after finishing his sentence. Thanks, Dave! That was just the tip of the iceberg of the interviews we got which also included chats with Brendon Small, creator of Dethklok, Brian Posehn, Joey Jordison & Wednesday 13 of Murderdolls, Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory, Bam Margera, the original Freddy Kruger, Robert Englund and others. It was very difficult not to get star struck during the whole thing. Thankfully, I was too busy jockeying for position and trying to grab people for interviews to really let everything sink in. While we didn’t get to talk to them, it was crazy being feet away from such legit superstars such as Slash, Dave Grohl, Alice Cooper, Dio and Ozzy Osbourne. A truly a surreal experience, as I’m sure the footage will prove!

After a quick trip back to our car to drop off the gear, and partake in a quick puff-puff-pregame, we headed inside into the VIP area. This is where it all hit me. As soon as I walked into this giant room filled with musicians and industry executives, I had to take it all in for a moment. I couldn’t believe that I was partying with all these musicians I grew up listening to. Also, what the fuck was Good Charolette doing there? That wasn't even the most absurd celeb sighting of the night. That honor goes to porn star Peter North, who I noticed in the smoking lounge. I didn’t know that guy was a metalhead.

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It’s really hard to think back to the proper sequence of events because there was a lot of alcohol involved, but here are a few things that stood out in my mind from the night’s proceedings:

  • We walked in right as Slash, Dave Grohl and Lemmy were performing “Ace of Spades.” It was an awesome performance. I think that’s one song I will never ever get sick of.
  • It was much faster (and more cost efficient) to leave the VIP area, and go to the regular bars to get a drink.
  • Whoever came up with the idea to setup a Camel cigarettes booth in the smoking lounge and give away promo packs deserves a giant raise.
  • Devildriver frontman Dez Fafra knows his marijuana. Early in the night, while having a smoke sesh with Eyal Levi of Daath, Dez came over to join and dropped in a nug of what I recall being “some fine Cypress Hill shit.” It was delicious and got me properly lifted.
  • The actual award trophy is heavier than you would think it was. While chatting with Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato, he showed off his band’s Best Underground Band award and that thing is at least 10 pounds in weight. We also questioned if his band is still truly underground.
  • Rob Zombie really brings it live. I was rocking out hard during his performance. He is doing the old school Hellbilly Deluxe schtick, with the zombie makeup and everything. His five song set made me really look forward to seeing a full set of his at Mayhem Fest. Joey Jordison fits the band perfectly, and didn't miss a beat in his debut performance. Additionally, I was five feet away from Vinnie Paul during the entire performance. Ridiculous!
  • Although there were some technical difficulties during Brian Posehn’s All-Star Jam, it did allow for Brendan Small to pull out some Dethklok voices for a pretty cool moment of stalling.
  • Gene Hoglan is a machine. Not that this is breaking news or anything, but Gene absolutely ripped through the three songs that Fear Factory performed and it’s always a pleasure to see him rock.
  • It was awesome to see Dio there. He looked pretty good for a guy who was just dealing with cancer.
  • The Pantry Café is your best bet for post-show munchies in the downtown LA area.

There you have it. That’s all I remember. It was one of those nights where I became really thankful for being able to work in the music business. It was a fun night celebrating the music all of us love so much. I would personally like to thank everybody at Revolver Magazine for inviting us down to shoot at the event.


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