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Watch: Papa Emeritus IV Finally Unveiled At GHOST's Only 2020 Show

Congrats on the promotion, Cardinal!

ghost papa emeritus iv

Ghost promised its next album cycle would include Papa Emeritus IV and now here we are. Papa Emeritus IV was unveiled during the band's only 2020 at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico. It should also be noted that Papa Nihil also collapsed during the saxophone solo of "Miasma," ending his life. Gotta lose a Papa to gain a Papa, right? You can check out some fan-filmed footage of Papa Emeritus IV below (with admittedly bad audio) and photos from the band themselves.

As for Ghost, they're taking this whole year to work on a new album. The new album will have more more riffs than Ghost's 2018 record Prequelle but probably won't have any fast songs.

"There are certain things that you pick out when you're playing bigger halls: that really fast songs usually don't work very well because they don't sound very good. It's big and echoey and boomy, so it works better if it's a normal pace.

"And I think most bands do that. You can pretty much hear that on any Metallica or any Iron Maiden sort of band, that once they took the step from playing theaters and clubs and they started playing arenas, the music, they started slowing it down."

While the new album is expected out in 2021, there just might be one singular new song out this year.

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