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GHOST's Tobias Forge Explains Why New Album Won't Have Fast Songs

Posted by on December 11, 2019 at 2:00 pm

Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge recently revealed that while we're not getting a new album in 2020, we'll get at least one new non-album song.

The new album will have more riffs than Ghost's 2018 record Prequelle, but Forge specifies in a new interview with Kaaos TV that there won't be any fast song.

Forge adds that fast songs don't really translate to stadium shows very well, which is what he envisions Ghost as being.

"I do take that into consideration. I wouldn't go into the studio now and make some sort of weirdly-paced noise/prog album. No, I wouldn't do that. Because that is not the forum that we're playing in.

"I set out already on Opus Eponymous to write songs that would sound great on a live stage because I wanted it to be big rock music, I wanted it to sound like a rock band that you wanted to see on a stage.

"So making a new, fifth album means that I'm gonna continue writing songs that will sound great on that stage."

"There are certain things that you pick out when you're playing bigger halls: that really fast songs usually don't work very well because they don't sound very good. It's big and echoey and boomy, so it works better if it's a normal pace.

"And I think most bands do that. You can pretty much hear that on any Metallica or any Iron Maiden sort of band, that once they took the step from playing theaters and clubs and they started playing arenas, the music, they started slowing it down."

Ghost will also be fronted by Papa Emeritus IV for the next album cycle.

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