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Shocking Revelations

THE RED CHORD's Guy Kozowyk Is A Cop Now

Whoa, color me surprised. Frontman of The Red Chord, and friend of Metal Injection, and shitter on everything, Guy Kozowyk is now a police officer. For reals. The dude was sworn in yesterday as part of the Manchester police department in New Hampshire:


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There is Guy in the middle looking dapper as fuck being sworn in. The New Hampshire Union Leader broke the story reporting:

“Guy Kozowyk, 32, is a graduate of Revere High School and Suffolk University. He was a lead singer in the death-metal band The Red Chord and owns a music-management company.”

That music-management company is actually the record label Black Market Activities. Will Guy (or is it Officer Guy now?!) be pulling the ultimate multi-task, pulling over drunk speeders while responding to insertion orders, and requests for proposals? It looks to be as so.

I guess if you find yourself in New Hampshire in trouble with the law, just say "oh it's cool brah, I know Officer Guy, I bought all his bands' albums and once shared a mic with him during the chant-a-long to 'Dreaming In Dog Years'," that'll get you scott-free in no time.

Meanwhile, The Red Chord promised a few months ago that we would hear new music from them in 2013. Is this still the case?! [via MetalSucks]

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(PS: Sorry for the terrible Photoshopping up top.)

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