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THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Frontman Is Not Excited By Metal; Thinks Innovation Is Coming From Electronic Music

The Dillinger Escape Plan are gearing up to put out a new record this Spring, and in anticipation of the release, frontman Greg Puciato has been giving a few interviews.

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Recently, he was asked by Noisecreep to talk about any current metal and rock inspirations. Ultimately, Puciato said that he is finding more inspiration in other genres:

“…I don’t think there’s much exciting going on in rock or metal or much guitar based music right now. I think that most of the frontiers that are being broken are being broken in electronic music – which is producing a lot of garbage too. But I do think there is some exciting stuff as far as people doing new things. You can’t re-invent the same thing over and over again. Rock was the first thing that happened and after that came metal and punk and hardcore. Then hip-hop came and that was the big wave of the ’90s and the 2000s.

I think now, the generation that’s doing the most interesting stuff is doing it in the electronic world, which I don’t think is necessarily a good or bad thing. It is what it is. Most of the stuff that I’m finding completely crazy is coming from genres that are completely different than the ones we’re normally associated with. People doing a lot of crazy stuff with soundscapes and beats, a lot of which has found its way into the mainstream: which is responsible for dub step which I don’t hate all of it.

It produces crap like any genre. People say “Dub-step sucks.” That’s like saying “metal sucks.” It doesn’t suck; it’s simply that most of the stuff that hits the most people sucks because it’s generally the most watered down and common denominator.

On the production of things, if you listen to a mainstream pop song, there’s a lot of weird shit that people are doing that didn’t happen ten years ago – panning things weird ways and putting weird filters on drums. In major pop songs that would not have happened ten years ago that are coming from underground electronic music and working their way into the mainstream.

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The interesting thing that’s happening right now is that everything is becoming relevant simultaneously because people have access to everything at the same time. You don’t have kids anymore that only listen to metal or only listen to rap. You have kids who skateboard, wearing Trash Talk shirts but who also listen to Kanye West.”

I have to absolutely agree with that last sentence, and ultimately give a hat tip to the guy for not giving the same old answer, and being honest about how he feels. I might not like the same music as Greg (who are we kidding, I probably do), but it's great that he's talking about this. Scott Ian on the other hand, probably disagrees.

Will the new Dillinger Escape Plan record break boundries? Maybe. Chances are it'll just rip my face off and I'll be happy with that.

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