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Polish BEHEMOTH Concert Cancelled for "Political Reasons"

Posted by on October 6, 2014 at 2:00 pm

Eastern European religious folk seem to be revolting against heavy metal lately. Cannibal Corpse's Russian tour this month almost got cancelled due to religious protest, while a recent Marilyn Manson show was flat out cancelled. Meanwhile, Polish death metal masters Behemoth were thrown out of the country. Now, Russia's neighbor, Poland is chiming in with a cancellation.

A planned Behemoth show at Poznan University Of Medical Sciences in Poland was cancelled after the band received a letter from the promoter of the tour stating the show would be cancelled due to a "a concern for the safety of students and campus workers."

Behemoth responded by calling the cancellation a political decision:

"We have no doubt it is a political decision. It's not the first clampdown on national artists. Poznan, instead of being a free culture centre, begins to resemble Russia."

The band also stated a clause in the Polish constition similar to the freedom of speech rights here in America. Article 73 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland guarantees freedom of artistic creation and scientific research, as well as free access to cultural goods.

The band tried to relocate the show but were unable to find a suitable venue. The Polish press has picked up on the story and Behemoth have released this lengthy statement in Polish. Anybody care to transcribe?

This isn't even the first time Behemoth have had issues in Poland. Frontman Nergal was on trial for blasphemy, of which he was eventually acquitted.

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