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MARILYN MANSON Shows in Russia Cancelled Thanks To Religious Extremists

Someone gets hit with a Jesus painting. I am so serious.

Someone gets hit with a Jesus painting. I am so serious.

Marilyn Manson was supposed to play Novosibirsk in Russia on June 29, but members of the Russian Orthodox Church did not let it happen. According to The SBS, the concert was completely cancelled due to what boils down to bureaucratic bullshit mixed in with religious extremism.

Organizers of the event let fans know the concert would not be taking place and have given out full refunds. One reason being given for the cancellation by authorities was that it would coincide with a holiday in the city and they didn't want them to clash… uh, sure. Organizers tried to rebook Manson for a later date but that date was "not suitable" for Manson.

Let's take a look into the mind of the extremists that got the show cancelled by way of the same article.

One such activist hailed the cancellation of the concert on Friday, stressing the importance of President Vladimir Putin's efforts to protect morals.

Must be nice to have blanket, enforceable morals.

'Manson's live performances look like an amusement park with a sadomasochistic slant,' said the activist, Yury Zadoya.

'Sadomasochism is a mental disorder. What does Novosibirsk need this show for?' he said on popular radio Echo of Moscow.

Here's a video of crazies being crazy:

It goes to show how far our freedom of speech reaches. Also, it goes to show how incredibly behind the times Russia is. Is Marilyn Manson really even that scary anymore? Hasn't he been exposed as just putting on an act, for the most part? Why is Russia so offended?

[via Blabbermouth]

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