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Shocking Revelations

New Blog Calls Out Album Cover Artists Who Blatantly Plagiarize, And How!

The examples are pretty startling.

The examples are pretty startling.

There seems to be a fine line between plagiarism and inspiration, and a new blog, Sad But True: Plagiarism in Heavy Metal Art, has surfaced to point out what they believe is blatant copyright stealing.

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Accusations of plagiarism have been a part of the music scene since the beginning, but in recent years, we've heard rumbles of artists who are angered about their work being, in their eyes, stolen. This new blog aims to point out these artistic thefts with specific examples.

The author of the blog is quick to note in some of these cases, like the Vintersorg album, the artist may have paid for the photos, but that specific artist has been mentioned multiple times,  so the case can be made that "he uses Google with reckless abandon."

The blog is relatively new, launching on April 12th, and so far has only called out works from Orion Landau, Marcelo Vasco, and Gilang P. Vergiawan. Besides being unethical, the author of the blog notes that such acts of plagiarism can land the band and their label a ton of unwanted and expensive attention, all because the artist was being unethical.

How do you feel about these revelations? View all the plagiarism accusations here.

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