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METALLICA Poke Fun at Fan Response to Lulu On Anniversary of Album Release

They know!

They know!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Iced Honey! Would you believe that the confusing collaboration between Metallica and The Velvet Underground founder Lou Reed was released on this day, seven years ago, in 2011.

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Our review was anything but favorable. Many fans of both acts panned the release. It seems that everybody, except David Bowie, hated the release. The reaction initially bummed out Lars Ulrich, with guitarist Kirk Hammett doubling down last year saying that Lulu was one of the best things Metallica ever did.

Well, I guess whomever is running Metallica's social media got the message, because they posted this very aware tweet earlier today:

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For what its worth, there were a few positive responses to the question – emphasis on few:

If you'd like to hear me and the crew from Two Minutes to Late Night spend a good hour dissecting why this album is drek, you can listen below:

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