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Shocking Revelations

Metal Musicians Slam Ex-FOR TODAY Singer For Controversial Anti-Abortion Stance

for today

Just recently, I was wondering what ever happened to For Today, the Christian metalcore band more known for their bad opinions than their music. I had forgotten that they actually broke up in 2016. At that point, frontman Mattie Montgomery became a full time pastor and started the Altar Fellowship.

Yesterday, Montgomery decided to tweet his anti-choice stance on abortion, comparing women who make the difficult choice to end their pregnancies to Adolf Hilter.

"Imagine if, when asked about the brutal persecution and murder of over six million Jews, Hitler just shrugged his shoulders and said 'My country, my choice!'" Montgomery begins his controversial take, adding "Just because someone lives in a place you control—a nation OR A WOMB—doesn’t give you the right to kill them."

While comparing a woman's right to choose to that lunatic who was responsible for the mass genocide of millions of people is certainly one way to spend your day. But some folks in the metalcore community were not about to let him just say that.

Folks like Cane Hill's Elijah Witt, Attila's Chris Fronzak, Emarosa guitarist Matthew Marcellus, and Hundredth frontman Chadwick Johnson all felt the need to point out they greatly disagree with this take:

Counterparts' Brendan Murphy offered his hypothesis on the take:

Crazy 88's Jarrod Alonge offers this counterargument:

All the retweets I've seen are dunking on the guy, and there are nearly 600 comments to the original tweet, mostly with dunks.

Safe to say, this was a bad take! For Today have been making headlines since their former guitarist Mike Reynolds quit the band after some homophobic statements in 2013, leading the band to skirt around the issue until it was discovered that frontman Mattie Montgomery was against gay marriage before suddenly doing an about face in early 2014 about the topic, leading former guitarist Mike Reynolds to accuse Montgomery for joining some sort of cult because of his change of stance on gay marriage. The band was in the news again last year, when Reynolds' replacement quit due to differences in opinions based on their religious beliefs.

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