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Shocking Revelations

Former FOR TODAY Guitarist Accuses Vocalist of Being Part of A Cult Because He's Pro-Gay Marriage?!

Remember guitarist Mike Reynolds? We exposed him for being an insane homophobe, and the resulting controversy caused him to quit the band and become a missionary.

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We've since focused our attention on For Today frontman Mattie Montgomery, who same some pretty damning things about homosexuals himself until slightly going back on those thoughts.

But, it looks like Reynolds is no longer a fan of Mattie Montgomery anymore. In a new post on his personal site, Reynolds asks "Is Mattie Montgomery in a Cult?" and it apparently all stems from Mattie being cool with gay marriage:

That year, AP magazine interviewed Mattie and asked him about his views on gay marriage[1]. He said simply that if he were a law maker he would vote to legalize gay marriage[2]. I responded to his interview to demonstrate that his new view on marriage is a radical departure from the Biblical and historical position[3]. I mention that because it was this interview that first sparked a sense of responsibility for me to contrast what Mattie said with the scriptures.

So, the question–is Mattie in a cult?

Mattie goes to a church called The Rock in Mobile, AL. This church is one of a network of churches all headed up by "apostle" F. Nolan Ball. "Apostle" Ball separated from the Assemblies of God in 1986 "to more fully pursue the purposes of Yahweh.[4]" Apparently, that included starting what I believe every sober-minded person would consider a cult. You can quickly google “Apostle Ball” and find numerous testimonies of spiritual abuse and other ecclesiastical issues[5, 6, 7, 8]. While I understand that subjective testimonies such as these are not necessarily conclusive, I do believe it may add objectivity to hear from others outside of my particular position.

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He goes on and on and then answers his question…

The beginning of apostolic and prophetic reality requires the rejection of the counterfeit presented by imposters and apostates. A fundamental necessity for the house of God to be filled with truth is the rejection of that which is false. May God give you, the reader, grace to reject false notions of authority and may God fill us all with a hunger for the real thing. 

Is Mattie in a cult? If he submits to these men then, yes, without question.

Of course, the irony here is that it could be argued that Reynolds himself is also in a cult and he's just saying his cult is cooler than Mattie's. Either that or he's proposing that Mattie marry him, I can't figure out which one. My head hurts.

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