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Shocking Revelations

LARS ULRICH Really Likes Peloton

It's been brought up a few times now.


Combing through Lars Ulrich interviews around the new Metallica album has revealed some interesting themes. Namely that the band would like to keep going as far as they can into the future, and that doing so means everyone needs to stay healthy. And for some reason every time that comes up, Ulrich mentions that his preferred method of fitness is Peloton. The first few times it didn't really register to me, but on the fifth or sixth time it got a little more noticeable.

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So is Ulrich secretly sponsored by Peloton? Did Peloton actually fund the new Metallica album? Am I secretly an employee of Peloton and I don't even know it, and I never investigated my paychecks close enough? Who knows. But one thing is for certain – Lars Ulrich is reading the article on his Peloton right now.

The instances are:

Revolver: "As I get older, I spend more and more of my time on my daily workouts, on my cardio, on my strength training. I'm chained to my Peloton hours a day. It's all about trying to stay healthy: eating healthy, living healthy, whatever it is each of us need to bring to the table."

Revolver again, the same interview: "I would say if we stay healthy, hopefully we've got another decade. I mean, the second I'm done with you, I'm getting on the Peloton."

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Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend: "It doesn't get any easier whatsoever. It takes twice the effort or more just to reach the same level, just to plateau. So it's not I'm on the Peloton an hour and a half a day and I'm working out and I'm watching what I'm eating and I'm being healthy and all that to get better; it's just to stay the same at this age."

Metal Hammer: "If I keep sitting on that Peloton and everybody else stays in good shape, then knock on wood, hopefully, a few years still. Look at the Stones. Look at McCartney."

NPR: "There is obviously a certain physicality that it requires to play this music, but that doesn't feel like it's imminent. So excuse me, I got to run and get on my Peloton!"

Club Random With Bill Maher: "Now guess who's got a truck with a gym in it? Guess who's got a Peloton bike on the road with us? Guess who's got a chef who walks around and makes us protein drinks and all kinds of other nasty stuff?"

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BBC, who mentions it in their conversation with Ulrich: "A keen outdoor runner, he switched to a treadmill during lockdown; and now spends hours on a Peloton, using the time to watch Tarantino boxsets and fall down YouTube wormholes."

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