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LACUNA COIL Advertised Livestream Concert, Fans Watched Them Stand In Silence

lacuna coil silent

Lacuna Coil participated, along with 130 other Italian artists an venues, in an initiative called "L'Ultimo Concerto?" (Last Concert) to bring attention to the struggling live scene in the country and the uncertain future for many venues.

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With many venues struggling to stay afloat, four Italian organizations, KeepOn Live, Arci, Assomusica and Live DMA, created this campaign to bring awareness to the uncertain future of live shows.

Lacuna Coil offered these comments on their participation. "You were expecting to see a live show while we just stood in silence," the group said. "It's not a bad joke. This is the situation of live clubs in italy. Places where we got to meet many of you.

"It is with this bitter taste in our mouths that we're asking for your support. For them a live show with no music is not a live show. A silent live club is not a live club.

"Thanks for being part of this, for your support, and for being there in this very moment which hopefully will be a turning point.

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"From now on, we just want to talk about the next live show."

Some fans felt a bit had (it should be noted this was a free livestream), and the band addressed those fans on Instagram, adding "For those watching from all over the world, we're sorry you guys didn't get to see the show you were expecting. We just stood in silence, showing our support to the live club scene.

"Unfortunately, live clubs in Italy and the rest of the world have been closed for a year now, and there's no sign of re-opening anytime soon. We believe they should get the right attention and recognition, because that is what they deserve: to be considered as cultural spaces. Hopefully, this initiative will bring their uncertain situation to everybody's attention."

Over 300,000 people have remained jobless in the Italian concert industry since the shutdown. The "L'Ultimo Concerto?" organizers said: "When will the last concert be? Or maybe it has already been?

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"Live clubs and concert halls carry the weight of almost a year of closure on their shoulders. Currently, despite the enormous role that these spaces have in terms of the creation, promotion and dissemination of culture and their indisputable social value, it can be said that they have been almost ignored by the numerous decrees that have followed one another in recent months. Provisions have mentioned cinemas and theaters in terms of entertainment but have not devoted due attention to these realities which risk [music venues] disappearing."

A full rundown of the measures and requests they are asking to help the live club industry can be read here.

There have been nearly three million confirmed cases in Italy and over 97,500 deaths from coronavirus, the second-highest in Europe after England, and the seventh-highest tally in the world.

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