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KORN Guitarist Thinks It's Better For Band To Stop Before They're Irrelevant

They're gonna avoid the Rolling Stones route.


At some point in a band's career, the conversation has to turn to when the band is going to stop. It sucks to think about, but a planned ending might be better than just fading in obscurity. Which is exactly what guitarist Brian “Head” Welch said might be the best route for Korn in a recent interview with Metal Hammer.

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Welch said it's tough decision, because on one hand the fans might want a band to keep going, but at the same time it's not fun (or it's just embarrassing) to gradually get less popular.

"You know, I was talking to Munky the other day, like ‘Munky, how long are you planning to go man? Are we gonna be Rolling Stones wannabes, or do we wanna retire at some point and do something else?’ The truth is… we don’t know. We left it knowing it’s gotta be the fans’ decision in the end; so long as they want us, we could just keep going.

"At the same time, I was sat thinking how cool it’d be to go out on arena level rather than getting bumped back down to clubs or whatever. Smaller venues are fun because of how intimate you can get, but we don’t just wanna watch the band grow old and go downhill. I’d love to go out on top, man. But again, we could probably achieve that by maybe playing more sparingly, go out and only do special events so it’s more of an event. I don’t really see us doing full tours into our 80s, you know?"

All we know about the future of Korn right now is that they just wrapped up writing a new album.

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