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Shocking Revelations


Dave Mustaine is in Megadeth. Jason Newsted is in…well, Newsted. So why in the hell are we talking about them jamming on an old Metallica tune at Gigantour?

Well for one, both dudes used to be in Metallica (duh!) and they're going to be spending a lot of days on the road together, so I guess they would do it "cause it's fun?"

In a new interview conducted by SkullsNBones' Metal Mark, Jason Newsted was asked if there is any chance that he and Mustaine bust out old Metallica and Newsted without batting an eye said there is a chance. Here's the full quote:

“There is a chance that Mustaine and I will bust out some old Metallica that he’s a part of… There is a chance, it has been talked about. Whatever happens for sure, I don’t know [laughs], but I’m willing to throw down ‘Phantom Lord,’ actually whatever he calls it now.”

As Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks points out, the same riffage from "Phantom Lord" is used on Megadeth's "This Was My Life." Take a listen at the parts:

While such a jam would make for a cool photo-op, and great press, it seems really unnecessary. Please guys, just stick to your current stuff! Get dates for Gigantour right here.

What do you think? Should the two former Metallica members crank out some old Metallica tunes?

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