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INSANE CLOWN POSSE Know How To Treat Female Employees, Get Slapped With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Now that we know what <members of Insane Clown Posse without their makeup looks like, is it any wonder why they aren't currently swimming in the poon? Oh yea, because they probably don't know how to properly behave around women? That's why their former publicist has just filed an insane clown lawsuit.

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The publicist, Andrea Pellegrini, is suing the band and their label, Psychopathic Records for various inappropriate acts, a lot of which came from a Psychopathic employee identified as "Dirty Dan." Dan once allegedly told Andrea that he had a "fat cock" and would like to fuck her. Somehow, Andrea did not take Dan up on this advance. Months later when Andrea changed her Facebook status to single, Dan eloquently gifted her with a "clear dildo" telling her she'd need it because she's single. Dan is not a selfish human being, he also gifted two other female workers in the office with "vagina tighteners."

No word on if Dirty Dan is related to Ass Dan.

Other stories include getting asked to find illegal semi-automatic weapons for a photoshoot and being threatened by Violent J's girlfriend. TMZ has a breakdown of it.

In addition to the harassment suit, Andrea is suing for wrongful termination saying she was fired after trying to bring these abuse matters to the head honchos. Andrea, we hope you are doing ok now that you've left that cesspool of employment. Don't let those cat calls of "juggaho" scare you!

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