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Breaking: Tommy Lee Says Nikki Sixx Unfollowed His Twitter After MOTLEY CRUE's Final Show, But Is He Lying?

This is the biggest news story of our time.

This is the biggest news story of our time.

Motley Crue is a band known for controversy, from drunk driving to stealing girlfriends to Las Vegas strip fights, the band has been through it all. But this might just be the most shocking revelation.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, drummer Tommy Lee revealed that the day after Motley Crue's final show, Nikki Sixx unfollowed him on Twitter. Cold blooded!

"It's kind of strange, man. We're a fucking weird band. Even stranger, after the final night, we had a big party backstage on New Year's Eve, and I never saw the other guys. We never even said 'goodbye.' Fucking strange as hell, dude. I mean, what the fuck? [..] I mean, if you're getting divorced, you still give your ex a hug, or flip her off or something. You either get a kiss or a slap, or … something. Give me a sign! Let me know you're alive. [..] I think fucking Nikki unfollowed me on fucking Twitter, like, the next day, I was like, 'Wow. Okay, dude.'"

Here's where this conspiracy gets even more interesting…

We checked with, a service allowing you to check on who follows whom, and while it confirms that Sixx is not following Lee, it also says that he hasn't been following him for over a year:

nikki sixx tommy lee doesfollow1

Hilariously, Tommy Lee doesn't follow Nikki either! DRAMA BOMB.

This concludes the most important story of the day.

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