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Scene Report: The 10 Best Metal Bands in Greece

he Heavy Metal scene in Greece, is alive and flourishing, with it’s biggest names, being in a constant state of progression, and new bands emerging in the underground every now and then.

he Heavy Metal scene in Greece, is alive and flourishing, with it’s biggest names, being in a constant state of progression, and new bands emerging in the underground every now and then.

The following is a guest contribution from Haidarlis Diogenis

Greece is a small Mediterranean country, located in the southern part of Europe. With a number of 11 million inhabitants, most would guess that the Metal scene of the country, is pretty small, or even dead. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though. The Heavy Metal scene in Greece, is alive and flourishing, with it’s biggest names, being in a constant state of progression, and new bands emerging in the underground every now and then.

The current economical crisis has taken a big toll on the Greek people’s everyday life, but the passion for Heavy Metal still remains. Whenever a big band show is announced in Greece, fans go crazy, and the attendance to these shows is satisfactory. The underground Metal scene, is also in a nice state, with a good amount of people supporting it, showcasing their passion for Heavy Metal.
WIthout much more to say, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Metal bands from Greece!

Murder Made God

Murder Made God is a Technical Death Metal band formed in 2011, in Thessaloniki. The band has released two full-length albums, “Irreverence”, released in 2013, and “Enslaved”, in 2016. Their lyrical content revolves around gore and death, but this changed with their latest release “Enslaved”, which follows a more sociopolitical theme. A band for fans of aggressive and brutal Heavy Metal, and a band with a great future in front of it.

Suicidal Angels

Formed all the way back in 2001, Suicidal Angels is a Trash Metal band from Athens, with a long history into the Trash Metal scene. Counting 6 full-albums, a live album, and a plethora of other releases, one could argue that Suicidal Angels is one of the most successful Trash Metal bands in Greece, if not the most successful. Fast and aggressive riffing, to please your ears all day long!


Not really a Heavy Metal band, but Nightstalker certainly deserved a spot in this list. Nightstalker is a Stoner Rock/Metal band formed in Athens, all the way back in 1989. With 5 full-albums in the band’s history, Nightstalker have managed to earn people’s hearts, and take a spot as one of the biggest Metal/Rock bands, currently in Greece. Their live performances are absolutely fantastic, and each one of them feels better than the previous!

Planet of Zeus

Speaking of Stoner Metal, Planet of Zeus, could not go unnoticed. The Heavy Metal feel is much more dominant in their sound, than it is in Nightstalker’s case. Formed in 2000 in (yeah you guessed right), Athens, Planet of Zeus have done a great job incorporating some serious Southern Metal elements in their sound, delivering a fantastic result. Four full-length albums, that will accompany you, while drinking your whiskey, perfectly.

Mortal Torment

Do you like “in your face” riffs and blast beats? If you do, and you like aggressive and raw music, Mortal Torment is your pick. Formed in Athens, in 2005, Mortal Torment has managed to release 2 full-length albums, “Resuscitation” in 2011, and “Cleaver Redemption” in 2016, two splits, and a demo. One of my favourite Greek Metal bands, and a band that I believe deserves much more recognition, than it gets.


Many will argue that Firewind is not a Greek Metal band, but if they introduce themselves as one, I shall count them as one. Formed in 1998, in Thessaloniki, Firewind has managed to deliver a discography of 8 full-length albums throughout the years! Their sound is a nice blend of traditional Heavy Metal and Power Metal, and it’s a sound that has gifted them their worldwide recognition. A great band, created by some incredibly skilled musicians like Gus G. and Bob Katsionis. Their latest release, “Immortals” was released earlier this year.


What could anyone say about this band? Their sound is distinct among the other Metal bands of Greece. Formed in Athens, in 1993, they count 6 full-length albums, and many other releases. All their albums with the exception of “Epoptia”, are written in Greek language. Their lyrical content revolves around Paganism, and ancient Greek Religion. Their last release “Πάτερ Ήλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα” (Father Sun, Mother Moon), has to be my favourite release by them. Paganistic Black Metal at it’s best.


The Black Metal powerhouse, named Varathron, comes from Ioannina City, in northwest Greece. Varathron have been storming the scene for nearly 30 years, with 5 full-length albums, and a good amount of other various releases. Lyrically, the band focuses on Occultism, Mythology and mostly evil themes overall. Their last album, released in 2014, named “ Untrodden Corridors of Hate”, is one of the most sinister-sounding albums I have ever heard.


Probably my favourite band on this list, Septicflesh is a Symphonic Death Metal band, located in Athens. The band formed in 1990 as Septic Flesh, but later changed the name to Septicflesh ( I know, not a big difference). Their sound is really distinct, and mostly their two last albums, that featured a variety of musical instruments, from violins and cellos, to trompones. Also, the use of an actual choir, in their last album, adds a really interesting element to their music, not many bands have managed to execute in a great way. The band counts a total of 9 full-length albums, and a plethora of other releases.

Rotting Christ

The legendary Black Metal band formed back in 1987 as a grindcore band. Their sound followed the Black Metal route, after the release of their Demo “Satanas Tedeum”. With a total of 12 (!!!) full-length albums, Rotting Christ rightfully deserves the title of the biggest Greek Metal band. The band is widely known to the whole world, and tours all around the globe. Lyrical themes revolve around anti-religion (mainly Christianity), occultism, Greek mythology etc. Their live shows are something every Heavy Metal fan should experience at least once, as they are really atmospherical and intense. A band for the admirers of Extreme forms of Metal, and mainly for the Black Metal fans, as Rotting Christ, have their own personal sound not found in any other Black Metal band.

And that’s all everyone.

My name is Haidarlis Diogenis, I’m an aspiring album reviewer, and I come from Greece. Just like you, I have a strong passion for Heavy Metal in all it’s forms. If you wish to contact me, for more info, feel free to message me on my personal Facebook account. I wish you have a nice day!

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