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Roman Catholics In Spain Are Mad About A Handsome, Selfie-Taking Statue Of Satan

The Devil just wants a nice photo.

satanic selfie

Look, if we can make Jesus buff and generally handsome, then we can make the Devil look good too. The Spanish city of Segovia is doing exactly that with a selfie-taking statue of Satan himself about 200 meters from a famous Roman-era aqueduct, and local Roman Catholics are none too happy. They've started a petition that states the statue is "offensive" and "supposes an exaltation of evil."

“This representation is offensive to Catholics, because it supposes an exaltation of evil, and using the name of God, on what most repulses produces a Catholic, who is the devil,” the petition reads. “In sacred art, the diabolic iconography is inscribed in a doctrinal and ritual framework that guarantees its psychological, moral and spiritual efficacy, in all cases cited the diabolical appearance is repulsive and despicable, not kind and seductive, like that of the "good-natured devil" , without malice "that you have conceived.”

The reason Segovia is putting the statue there is because according to local folklore, the Devil built that aqueduct. Though I guess the folklore in the Bible is trumping local folklore on this one, or at least they're attempting to. As it stands, 5,000 signatures are needed on the petition and they've only got 2,300.

Even better, there's a counter-petition that has 5,600 signatures that essentially boils down to "who cares, it's not harming anyone."

“Since the sculpture is nice and a part of the legend of the Aqueduct of Segovia, which does not affect morality, or religion, since it is nothing more than a character of a legend,” reads the rival appeal, which currently has 2,300 signatures."

I mean, come on. Look at that face. Dude's not hurting anyone.

[via Loudwire]

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