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Crazy Christian Lady PROVES Monster Energy is The Work Of Satan

The best video you'll see today.

The best video you'll see today.

Oh, those cooky Christians! Over the weekend, a video has been passed around of a good ole Christian woman explaining exactly why Monster Energy Drink is the work of the devil. It starts with their logo, which she (and many Christian conspiracy theorists) note is very similar to the Hebrew symbol for the number six. SIX-SIX-SIX on the can!

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Also, she notes there is a cross in the O of Monster, and that when you drink it, you ARE INVERTING THE CROSS – OMFG SATAN!

This video is just chock full of LOLz:

I have to say, I enjoy a Monster Energy BFC of Rehab Iced Tea every once in a while when I need to get my heart pumping at a good rate to get some work done. But now that I know I'm also promoting satanism, it makes me want to drink the energy drink exclusively.

[via Dangerous Minds]

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