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Quick Review: ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin

Posted by on October 8, 2015 at 2:15 pm

A re-issue from 2012? What took so long, and why didn't I already own this album? Those will be your thoughts when popping this album into your CD player.

This Russia based brutal death metal band is re-issuing The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin, thanks to Unique Leader Records who signed them earlier this year. The main difference between this re-issue and the original, is that it was remixed and re-mastered by Ivan Anthropocide. When the album first appeared in 2012 it was released by Brutal Bands Records. A limited amount of copies were printed, which, I recall, drove up the price of hard copies. Collectors can now pick up a re-issue on October 30th, 2015.

For those not familiar with Abominable Putridity, Matti Way is the reason you buy this album. He needs no introduction, as he is one of the best brutal death metal vocalists. His performance on The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin will leave you steamrolled from your feet up, as your warm entrails fuel this beast of a vocalist. The guttural, wet, melodic type growls will be exhaled in a river of your carnage.

The guitar does a great job of transitioning from rhythm groove portions to mini leads that help transition segments and deliver a unique structure. The guitar effect has a fair amount of crunch to it, but with its rhythm, it will keep you dancing until all that's left are bloody bone nubs. The drums are tight, large doses of double bass are laid out and keep the rhythm and flow going. The blast beats are pretty standard, but the off-timed cymbal crashes and varied double bass tempo provides a refreshing variety that makes this album more dimensional.

There are several brutal death metal bands who can "slam" as good or better than Abominable Putridity. This album is not ground breaking, and it does not re-invent anything, it's just one of the most complete, solid, well made albums in its genre. Don't let your collection suffer without it. The band plans to release a new album in 2016 via Unique Leader Records. Stay Tuned.

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