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Black Metal History

EP Review: INCURSUS Adaestuo

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Among the most underground black metal units the band Incurus is one that remains really, well, underground. VJS’ one-man fronted abrasive black metal assault is back with a new EP entitled Adaestuo that brings us back into the void. 

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Incursus’ first full length Eternal Funeral was an incredibly raw descent into stark black metal that had blistering energy and chaos running amok. However it wasn’t without its melodic, depressive elements, including an excellent intro track driven by piano. VJS is also a current member of the black metal unit Nightbringer.

There are four movements to the Adaestuo EP that melds together ripping, chaotic black metal minimalism with moody melodic pieces. The end result is something of a swaying and disorienting experience. I mean that in a good way, however. This is an EP that doesn’t feel like it needs to abide by any rules. The guitar is played with wailing despair. Leads are often flat and grinding, flying up and down the fretboard with tearing viciousness. The progressions feel sharp and at times bring to mind bands like Deathspell Omega, though really only in sound. In terms of composition, these are two different beasts.

What really helps out with this album is how varied it is. As chaotic and brimming as it often feels with aggression, it also has an excellent sense of mood. “Adaestudo IV” is a track that starts off bleak and moody. The slow progression feels extremely brooding, like something truly evil is building up. The echoes and the hushed vocals only make you feel like you’re stuck in a dark room with no escape. This is an album you want headphones for.

Other pieces like “Adaestuo II” are more aggressive in nature. Like the birthing and building of a beast. Its ravenous in its composition, pushing out a fully aggressive, hungry song. Other pieces are still more divided, like “Adaestuo I” which has an excellent piano bit halfway through but starts out with murder on its mind.

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Adaestuo feels more like a concept album than a series of different songs. Yes, the tracks do have differing personalities but they are all called “Adaestudo,” separated only by a number. The separations are great and it’s nice to have a defining moment as to when a song switches from one to another. Yet I can’t help but wonder what this album would have been like without the barrier of a stop. Had it flowed song to song this album might have been even more crushing. It’s hard to say though. It might have greatly enhanced the experience. This is still a killer release without a persistent flow though.

If you’ve never heard of Incursus then definitely don’t sleep on the Adaestuo EP. As a solo piece this is an absolutely killer album. The previous album was no different but I’d say this EP sets the bar a little higher. Concerning a full length, this is definitely a band to be watching for here. If you enjoy the ambience of Sunn O))) and more aggressive nature of Demoncy then Incursus is definitely a band to check out.


Stream Adaestuo from Forever Plagued Records bandcamp here.

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