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Watch: Trump Visits Mask Factory While GUNS N' ROSES "Live and Let Die" Blasts In The Warehouse

Sweet Irony O' Mine

President Donald Trump visited a mask factory yesterday in Phoenix, AZ and naturally, the President did not wear a mask. I don't believe he's been wearing a mask at all in the last two months, and he wasn't going to wear one while touring a mask factory. But that's not the story here.

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Whoever had control of the music clearly is a fan of irony, because they decided to blast Guns N Roses' 1991 cover of the classic "Live and Let Die" over the PA system as Trump did his tour.

And, when I say blasted, I mean blasted. Listen to this audio:

While Axl Rose has previously blasted Trump for using GNR music at his political rallies, I'm betting he doesn't mind the use here. Axl is clearly not a fan of Trump, but yet very much a fan of social distancing.

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[via MetalSucks]

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