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MARILYN MANSON Isn't Voting For Anyone For President This November

Can you blame him?

Can you blame him?

The 2016 race for US President is turning out to be an unbelievable shit show for both candidates. The pros of one are essentially just there because of the cons of the other, and nobody seems particularly excited about casting their ballot in November.

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Which is exactly why Marilyn Manson has decided that he's just not going to vote for anyone, so he says in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“I don’t find either candidate to my liking, so I choose to stand out of this one. And I don’t think that’s a coward’s stance. A lot of people might say that. I just don’t really want to be a part of this piece of history. Last time, I did want to be involved in some piece of history as a voter … You’re asking what I think about Trump, and it’s a tough call because if you look back at old presidents that have been in the past, and you weren’t old enough to know how they lived their lives, and you didn’t live in the era that was so media-saturated and internet and just so many opinions swirling around, the world seems a bit chaotic more than it should be. But then when you simplify it, it isn’t more chaotic. It just comes down to two things: Who has more charisma, and who are they appealing to. And neither one of them appeal to me.”

Maybe we should all just vote for Manson. The Pale Emperor of America has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Regardless of your thoughts on the Presidential election, that isn't the only vote up for grabs this election season. There are plenty of local senate, house and council positions all wth a direct effect on you that you have the chance to vote for. Seems silly to be on the sidelines. If you haven't yet, register to vote here. You can also visit that link to see what elections are happening in your area.

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